3 great websites to share your photography

Getting clicks and comments on your photos is the reward for the work you put in creating those pictures. Nowadays there are tons of websites where you can show off your work, but most of those sites aren’t really worth the effort to upload your images. Check out my favorite websites to publish photos.

500px.com – Site for “elite” photographers

A few years ago this site offered really mind-blowing pieces of photography-art. I was literally afraid to upload my crappy work here. But things have changes quite a bit. You’ll still see outstanding pictures from well known photographers, but you will still get feedback on your “average” photos when uploading them.

What I really like about 500px.com is the ranking system, although it gets kind of manipulated quite a bit by comment / fav spammers. Basically what I have learned is, if your photo is good, it get’s the attention it deserves. You don’t need to build up a huge fan-community to get your pictures on the front page, although it may get you there a lot faster.

You can create an account for free with which you can upload 20 photos per week and sell your work on the 500px.com market. With the Plus account ($2.08 / month) you get unlimited picture upload and access to advanced statistics. With the Premium account ($6.25 / moth) you get a personal portfolio website.

500px dot com
500px.com offers a ton of mind-blowing pictures

Deviantart.com – The starter-website

This was the very first website I used to share my pictures, I’ve been a member on Deviantart for 5 years now and I wouldn’t be able to live without it anymore. Besides photography you can share all kinds of different things, like drawing, animations, 3D-art or even Photoshop brushes.

The most important thing on this website is to build up a nice, big follower-base and this is quite a lot of work. This is achieved by adding other users work to your favorites, commenting their work, discussing in the forum, joining groups and of course by uploading art.

The registration at Deviantart.com is free and you can upload an unlimited amount of art, but there’s also a premium account (starting at $4.95 every month). Benefits are for example ad-free browsing, changing your username, save money when buying prints or testing beta-features. The cool thing is, you don’t have to pay for a premium account, you can get one sponsored by another user or set up a donation pool to buy such an account.

Deviantart is good if you just started taking photos

Flickr.com – The casual photography site

To be honest, I just recently started using this website, but it has such a huge community I don’t want to not use Flickr. If you want to get noticed with your photos, it’s safe to say this website is quit a good help.

What I’ve tried so far (and it worked actually pretty good) is to join tons of landscape photographer and nature groups and just submit as many pictures as I could to these groups. After a short time I had a decent amount of comments / favorites on my pictures.

Flickr has the biggest user community of those 3

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