4 Landscape Photography Tutorials you need to watch

YouTube is a really great tool for learning things in a easy way step by step. Especially when you’re searching for photography tutorials, you’ll find thousands of videos. Here I want to show you four photography tutorials which, in my opinion, are a must-watch for every beginner / advanced photographer.

Blending Exposures with Luminosity Masks in Photoshop

Everyone and their mother knows about HDR, but very few people know about luminosity masks. It’s a great way to get a higher dynamic in your shots (just like an HDR) but without that kind of unrealistic HDR look. If you are serious about photography, you have to know this technique .

Night Photography and use of long exposures

I guess most photographers wanted to take sick night shots of cities when they began with photography. Sadly it’s not a topic where you just go out, shoot and easily get good looking pictures. Here are some really nice tips from the Photo/Video Show on how to shoot at night / dark situations.

Photographing waterfalls

Photographing waterfalls is in my opinion one of the coolest things you can do as a landscape photographer. And with a few basic things to keep in mind you can get really great results without much work. Here’s a nice little tutorial with Sarah Howard.

Creating Star Trail photos

If done right, this is a brutally stunning effect, but you kind of have a lot of work to do to get it done right. You can find pictures on 500px where just one photo has a exposure time of 12 hours (hundreds of photos with a ~30 seconds exposure blended together). Check this tutorial out to get an idea of what you want to lean.

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