5 free Photoshop Plugins you may want to try

Adobes Photoshop is really a great tool for photo editing. I mean you have literally millions of possibilities for post processing your image. That’s also why a lot of people – especially photographers – think no other program comes close to the quality of Photoshop. The truth is: There are tons of programs, that are doing a way better job and don’t even cost you anything!

In this article I’ll show you 5 cost-free Photoshop plugins. At least one of those is doing a way better job than Adobes masterpiece. Let’s get started.

5 free Photoshop Plugins
5 totally free Photoshop plugins

VirtualPhotographer – Effect Presets

Some of you guys may just have started using Photoshop, it’s totally normal to be overwhelmed by all the way you have to edit your images. Good thing there are plugins out there which offer you presets – just like VirtualPhotographer. You can choose from 200 one-click preset Effects, save your favourites and you have a split-screen preview to check your work. Pretty neat.

SuperPNG – Saving smaller PNGs faster

If you’re uploading your images to facebook you might have heard, that if you upload them as a .png file, the image quality gets better (Facebook downgrades the quality of .jpegs in order to reduce file size). While I agree on this, .png files are bigger than regular .jpegs most of the time. SuperPNG is able to generate smaller .png files than Photoshop and also does this job much faster!

Hotpixel – Clean Long Exposure Shots

  • Publisher: Red Paw Media
  • Link: Hotpixel

This plugin is designed to remove “hot pixel” noise from you images. If you wondering what those hot pixels are: They often occur when taking a picture using long exposures in low light situations (you see coloured dots of around one pixel in size). You could remove them manually pretty easy, but this could mean a lot of work, so why don’t just use this sweet plugin?

Wireworm – Removing annoying wires

  • Publisher: MV’s Plugins
  • Link: Wireworm

This plugin is designed to help you remove wires and other unwanted objects from your images. It’s tools are specifically designed for an easy selection of long thin objects and of course removing them.

Web Sharpener – Ridiculous sharp Images for Web

And here’s my all-tim-favourite: Andreas Resch’s Web Sharpener. This plugin just kills it. I’ve tried several tools, techniques and actions (like Jimmy McIntyre’s highpass sharpener action) but nothing comes even close to this bad boy. Just do your editing and when you’ve finished your work run this plugin – Bam – super sharp image. Try it. Now!

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