5 Timelapse films you need to watch

Timelapse films are just another great thing you can create with your common DSLR. All you need is a remote (or a software add-on like Magic Lantern) and patience – if you’re doing it right, you’re going to invest a lot of time! Meanwhile here are 5 of the best ever captured timelapse movies.

The Mountain – Not the GoT Villain 😛

This is probably the most watched timelapse video on Vimeo. The reason is simple: It’s just a freaking good film. If you don’t know this one, watch it now!

Boston Layer-Lapse

There is so much mask editing going on in this film it’s just insane. You can’t images how many hours of work Julian Tryba put in this masterpiece. (Infact, you can check in in the video description – 350 hours spent on the editing part only with around 6 Terabyte of data)

Accelerated Moments

Sean Goebel filmed this one during two years of trips around California, Arizona, Utah, and Hawaii . Besides stunning sunset you’ll see amazingly smooth star-motions.

Xplore Trailer

Yeah, it’s just a trailer, but this one gets me so excited it’s unbelievable. Xplore is going to be a 90 minutes long movie, created by not one but a collaboration of many, many award-winning timelapse artists.

Cityscape Chicago II

If you’re into big cities, you have to watch this one. Simply beautiful, crisp clear pictures awesomly blended together. Author Eric Hines did an amazing job here.

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