Back from my favorite country Iceland

So we just returned from our seven day photography trip to Iceland. We saw hundreds of waterfalls along the road, visited the glacier lagoon Vatnajökull and watched the Geysir explode. Except some minor things it was a fantastic Iceland vacation.

Icelandic weather and photography


Normally Iceland is also known for it’s rainy/snowy cold weather, which would have been no problem for us, as it could lead to some really dramatic photos. But as we arrived on Iceland we had almost perfect weather conditions for the first 4 days. We couldn’t even see a single cloud in the sky, which led to some major problems during the photo shootings.

For example: The first waterfall we were to was a really beautiful one, Thorufoss. Unfortunately we only had about 2 hours shooting this waterfall, as we had to get to our hotel which still was about 150 kilometers away. We arrived at the Thorufoss at about 1 o’clock, needles to say the sun was really bright at this time, so I had to fight with really bad back light, only stacking my neutral density filters could help.


Thorufoss Waterfall in Iceland

Thorufoss waterfall, the light was way to strong here

Getting around in Iceland


It’s not hard to get from point A to point B in Iceland. You can travel with the bus, bicycle, hitch-hike or even walk. But if you have a tight schedule, I recommend getting a rental car. We got a pretty small one, cause renting a car in Iceland is expensive as fuck. If you have the money, then you should get a big for-wheel drive so you can get into the highlands, as non-for-wheel cars aren’t allowed to drive on those roads (labeled with a F, for example F209).

By the way, the speed limit on Iceland’s roads is 90 km/h / 56 m/h and the distances between villages can get really big. Make sure you look on your clock once in a while and also check the gas tank. But don’t worry, there a lots of smaller filling stations along the ring road 1. We drove about 1.800 kilometers during our 7 day trip, you can find all the waterfall locations we were shooting at here on this map.


Our rental car in Iceland

This was our rental car, not good enough for the highlands sadly

Volcanic activities


Shortly before we left Germany, I posted this article showing recent earthquakes in Iceland, as this could lead to a volcano eruption. As soon as we landed in Iceland, there were signs and flyers everywhere, informing about a coming eruption. This kept going on till Saturday, when a major earthquake (think it was a 4.7) hit the volcano. At this point, there was a small eruption going on underneath the glacier.

On Sunday, Monday and Tuesday the volcano got hit by more earthquakes, with the strongest peaking at 5.7, planes aren’t allowed to fly in a zone of 150 kilometers around the volcano. But no one really knows what’s going to happen next. There is even a small chance, that this could lead to a bigger eruption than the Eyjafjallajökull one in 2010.

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