Creating HDR photos with Adobe Lightroom 6

Adobes new Lightroom 6 has been out for a few weeks now and brings us a handful of new useful features. In this article, I’m going to show you, how to create an HDR image straight out of Lightroom with the new HDR function.

Creating an HDR image with Lightroom 6 step by step

1. First you want to import the images into Lightroom

2. Next step is to find the images you want to blend together, mark them (holding down CTRL), right click → Photo merge.. → HDR (Shortcut CTRL + H). This step might take a few seconds, as Lightroom is rendering the new image.

Step 1 - Creating an HDR with Lightroom 6

Step 1 – Setting up the HDR image


3. Once the process is finished, Lightroom offers you a few settings to play around. You have to tried different things here, to get the look you want – don’t worry you’ll be able to edit the HDR further after this step!

Step 2 - Creating an HDR with Lightroom 6

Step 2 – This step might take a while because Lightroom is rendering the new image


4. When you hit the merge Button, the new image will appear at the very end on your imported photos list (all the way to the right 🙂 ). Select it and you can keep on editing it like you’re used to from Lightroom.


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