Easy way sharpening photographs for the Web

http://the-phlog.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/web_sharpener.jpghttp://the-phlog.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/web_sharpener.jpgEasy way sharpening photographs for the Web

Recently I showed you a way to sharpen your pictures using Photoshops unsharp mask filter, this method is a basic for pretty much every photographer. Now I’m showing you an amazing and pretty much unknown Photoshop script, to sharpen your photographs for the web. The results are simply stunning and don’t need any more sharpening most of the times.

Sharpening your shots with Andreas Resch’s websharpener

I’m talking about Andreas Resch’s Web Sharpener. The best thing is: You can download it for free from his website (Link). The installation is easy, there are three files, that you have to move to your Photoshop script folder (Photoshop Installation\Presets\Scripts) after you’ve downloaded it.
Here’s an example image: On the left size you can see the picture scaled down for web with Photoshop, on the left scaled down with the websharpener, drag the bar left/right to see the difference!


Since I used this plug-in for the first time, I’m using it for every single picture that I take, so I highly recommend you take a close look at it.You’ll find a fully detailed description of the plug-in and how the script works on Andres Resch’s website here.

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