Find stolen photographs using Googles Image search

Find stolen photographs using Googles Image search

The Internet isn’t exactly the safest place to upload things, but to get people looking at your photography, you have to upload pictures to sites like Flickr, Deviantart or Facebook. The big problem here: two clicks and your images will be saved on a strangers computer.

With this in mind it’s not really surprising, to find your own work used as wallpapers, advertisement or even other peoples photography on the web – even if you added a watermark (which can be photoshopped out so easily today). Just yesterday I searched for one of my Iceland photographs and found several people, even companies, using it as advertisement. While it’s a great compliment to your photography skills, you basically don’t get anything for it – if you’re looking they mention your name somewhere in a corner which will be unseen by 95% of all people.

So if you want to fight this kind of art-stealing people, here’s a easy way to track them down with Google images (This will just show you how to find stolen pictures, what you’ll do after finding them is up to you of course)

Find stolen photography with Google

1. First you have to visit this link (It’ll take you to the Google search site) and press the grey camera icon on the right side of the search bar

2. A little window will pop up which will tell you to enter a image url or to upload the picture you want to look after. So if you want to search for an image you uploaded to Deviantart, just copy the image url and paste it

3. Now Google will show you every website, where the photograph you searched for is used


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