Getting ready for Iceland

Getting ready for Iceland

So it’s nearly middle of August and we still have really bad weather here in Germany. Huge amounts of rain came down the last few weeks, all in all it was just a bad condition over weeks for photographing. Good thing is, that we’re off to Iceland again in 8 days, hoping the weather gets better up in the northern regions of Europe. Time to start planing our trip.

 Very first destination: Krikjufell

 We’ll arrive late night on Keflavík Airport, probably be in our hotel room in Reykavík at 2:30. The next day will be pretty awesome, as our first bigger location to take some shots will be the famous Krikjufell. This mountain is probably one of the most interesting travel destinations on Iceland among us photographers. We’re going to shoot at this place during daytime, then check in in our hotel in Olafsvík and get back to the Kirkjufell at sunset, hoping for some stunning colors and awesome light.

 Ring road 1: Southern Iceland

 The next day will be really busy as we have to drive from Olafsvík to Vík in the south. It’s going to be a good 6 hours drive and we’re most likely going to stop at pretty much every waterfall we see on our way – and there are tons of waterfalls! If you ever plan on visiting Iceland, I highly recommend staying one night there, because there’s so much to see next to this small village like Seljalandfoss or Skogafoss.

 However at the moment our plan is to stay at the hotel for the day we arrive and maybe go down to the black beach on sunset to get some ocean photographs (that’s why I recently bought a set of neutral density grads).

 The next day will be most likely all about Seljalandfoss, Skogafoss and some more unknown waterfalls near this area – hint: I really suggest you walk up the road behind Skogafoss, if you like waterfalls as much as I do ;-).

 We haven’t planed any further, as we’re in the process of finding more unknown waterfalls through the Internet, but we will definitely visit the glacier lagoon in the south east and Thingvellir / Geysir.

 So long, hope you liked this little Icland-Blog-Update 🙂


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