Sony’s new highly sensitive CMOS sensor performing at 0.005 lux

Sony introduced a new CMOS sensor named “IMX224MQV”. According to Sony it’s the highest sensitivity sensor of it’s kind – the chip will be able to capture images in light conditions down to 0.005 lux (with full moon on a clear night you have a illuminance of around 0.27 – 1.0 lux).

Sonys new CMOS sensor sensitivity
Left side: F1.4, 16.7 msec exposure time, 72 dB max gain, Right site: * F1.4, 16.7 msec exposure time, 48dB max gain

Sensor size and megapixels

The 1/3 inch sensor comes with just 1.27 effective megapixels. According to Sony the sensitivity was achieved through the adoption of photo diodes that improve the conversion efficiency of light into electrons and through the installation of circuits that improve the conversion efficiency of those electrons into voltage. This way the company promises you’ll be able to capture color images even in a starless night.

The sensor supports a wide range dynamic (WDR) system that allows for extended exposure time. As stated by Sony this will result in improved image quality compared to conventional multi-exposure WDR systems.

Sony’s planned mass-production shipment date should be December 2015. Just imagine such a CMOS sensor with like 13+ megapixels compared with high ISO values and a beautiful clear nightsky. The milky way is going to look so awesome!

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