Waterfall-Location-Map: southern Germany

I’ve gathered all the locations for waterfalls in southern Germany I’ve visited the last few years. You can find the exact position for every waterfall I was photographing at on this interactive map. Every spot on this map gives you useful information about the waterfall and a image of the waterfall itself. I’ll update this map as soon as I find new spots. By the way, if you know any waterfalls in this area, which are not listed on the map, please contact me, so I can go photograph it.

Location-Map: Southern Germany

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Christian Möhrle

Photographing landscapes since 2009, trying to help out the lovely photography community with tutorials, workshops and more

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  1. 21st August 2014 | Fine Art Landscape Photographer says: Reply
    Thanks for sharing the locations. I love shooting waterfalls and will use your list when I will be in Germany.
    • 27th August 2014 | Noirlama says: Reply
      You're welcome, I'll also create a map of waterfalls in Iceland soon.

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