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It’s been almost a year since I wrote the first post for the Phlog, during this year a lot has changed for me – I got my first full frame DSLR, started working on a timelapse movie and got in touch with some incredible skilled Icelandic landscape photographers. Sadly I didn’t have much time to write stuff for my blog, so let me break the silence with this post.

When I started this blog last August, I was planning to write articles for it at least every week. It worked pretty well till early September when I started my 6 months long internship followed by a exhausting period of hardcore learning for my finals, the first few months of this year. Luckily everything went great for me and now I’m a few months off of school.

So, with all the free time, I’m working 2/3 of the day on my photography stuff, the last two weeks alone I shot over 10000 photos just for my timelapse movie, which is currently leading to some serious hardware problems, cause I don’t have enough disk space to save / render all those images. Current goal is, to finish the video by the end of September, maybe early October.

Right now I’m planning my trip to Austria, which will start tomorrow. We’re going to Tirol, where I found some insane (like 1st-spot-on-500px-hot-page-insane) locations thanks to Google, I just need some decent weather to get some awesome shots there.

The next big thing will come this september, when we will be visiting a friend of us in Colorado, USA. It’s going to be my first time over there, and I already spotted some nice spots to take photos (Horseshoebend anyone?). Thanks to Google I also found a huge list of waterfalls around Colorado, which I will use to plan the trip.

Sadly I still don’t have time to write more tutorials, but if you have any requests, let me know in the comment section below, I will do my very best to help you out!

Hope this post will clear things a bit up as to why I didn’t post for the last few months, but I’m not going to let the Phlog die! 🙂


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